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Titan Pistons

 Titan Piston

The Titan Piston  was developed to be better than other urethane pistons due to its superior design and durability. The Titan Piston has 40% more urethane and a unique lip design that out performs the other pistons using the designs developed in the 1960's.

  • Improved "bull-nose" lip design
  • Temperature range 20 to 220 f
  • Pump pressures up to 8000 PSI
  • Extrusion resistant
  • Piston will run more concentric
  • Constant seal no "squirt by"
  • Increased liner life
  • Good for all synthetic and oil based muds
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Available in sizes 4" to 8"

Part Numbers

  • TP45  (4 1/2" PISTON)
  • TP50  (5" PISTON)
  • TP55  (5 1/2" PISTON)
  • TP60  (6" PISTON)
  • TP65  (6 1/2" PISTON)
  • TP70  (7" PISTON)
  • TP75  (7 1/2" PISTON)

Titan Piston HT
High Temperature


The Titan Piston  - HT  high temp piston developed and designed for high temperature applications that reach 325 F and pressures of up to 7500 PSI.  The Titan Piston - HT will last two to three times longer than standard pistons and increases liner life by 2 to 3 times.

  • Two different urethanes bonded for superior performance
  • 3 times more urethane than other pistons
  • Special friction reducing additive
  • Enhanced chemical and oil resistance
  • Premium urethanes with higher tensile strength


  • Maximize triplex pump performance
  • Constant seals prevents fluid squirt by piston
  • Higher seal keeps piston hub away from liner
  • Seal allows piston to run more concentric in liner
  • Longer piston and liner life means less changes and a safer working environment



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