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Westinghouse Veritrak Series 55
 & Westinghouse Veritrak 75 Spares

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If you are in need of new surplus or used Westinghouse Transmitter spares, Veritrak 55 replacement parts or Westinghouse Transmitters spare parts, or Veritrak 75 Series Spares, you have come to the right place.

We currently have available a large inventory of new surplus Westinghouse Transmitter parts, Westinghouse transmitter replacement parts, Veritrak 55 replacement parts & Veritrak 75 Series equipment.  Below is a partial listing of the Westinghouse Veritrak Transmitter Spares and Westinghouse transmitter spares currently available for purchase.

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Please Note:
The availability of Westinghouse Transmitter spares, Veritrak 55 replacement parts, Westinghouse Transmitter replacement parts, and Veritrak 75 spare parts change on a continues basis.



 Description   Part#


- 7201 Westronics Temperature Indicator - 1500D82G01 Drive Amp.
- 10769934 0-4L Chart Paper - 1500D84G01 Chassis Assembly
- 10769935 0-120L Chart Paper - 1500D85G04 Westinghouse Chart Drive Assembly
- 10769936 Resistor Element - 1500D91010 0-40L Chart Paper
- 10769937 Ribbon - 1500D91011 0-50L Chart Paper
- 10769938 Meter Bracket - 1500D91012 0-60L Chart Paper
- 10769939 Rotary Solenoid Assy - 1500D91013 0-200L Chart Paper
- 10769940 Power Supply - 1500D91024 0-70L Chart Paper
- 10769941 Input Buffer - 1500D91025 0-80L Chart Paper
- 10769942 Input Board - 1500D91030 100-300L Chart Paper
- 10769943 Output Board - 1500D91038 0-150L Chart Paper
- 10769944 Volt-Con Pcb - 1500D91051 0-20L Chart Paper
- 10769945 Mechanical Set Point - 1500D91067 0-14L Chart Paper
- 10769946 Servo Drive Amplifier - 1500D91077 0-2L Chart Paper
- 10769947 Assembly With 7510E21G01 Mother Bd - 1500D91089 1-1.0L Chart Paper
- 10769948 3/4"/ Hr - 1500D91101 0-8L Chart Paper
- 10769949 0-100L Chart Paper - 1500D91103 0-6L Chart Paper
- 10769950 0-3L Chart Paper - 1500D91105 200-400L Chart Paper
- 10769951 2-10Sr Chart Paper - 1500D91106 0-25L Rt 200-400L Dual Chart Paper
- 10769952 0-5L Chart Paper - 1500D91107 1-10Sq Rt 100-300L Dual Chart Paper
- 10769953 0-10L Chart Paper - 1500D91110 0-12L Chart Paper
- 10769954 0-15L Chart Paper - 1500D91115 50-150L Chart Paper
- 10769955 0-25L Chart Paper - 1500D91119 0-350L Chart Paper
- 10769956 0-30L Chart Paper - 1500D91370 0-3L 100-200L Dual Chart Paper
- 01-46000B01 Auto Man. Cont. - 1500D91486 0-3L 0-25L Dual Chart Paper
- 01-46007B01 Elec. Set Point/Lower Set Point - 1500D93G01 Ratio Bias Module
- 01-46012B01 Rec. Slides - 1500D94G01 Input Card
- 01-46013B01 Accessory Slides - 1500D95G01 Input Board
- 01-46292B01 Mech. Setpoint Ind. - 1500DTTG01 Interface Board
- 01-C46072H01 Chart Drive Motors - 1501D08G04 15 Pin Cable
- 01-F8160C01 Prop. Reset Cont. - 1501D10G04 Panel Cable
- 01-F8163C01 A/M W/Step Motor Set Point - 1501D10G05 Cable
- 01-F8624A01 Cascade Master Controller A'S - 1501D11G04 Cable Assembly
- 01-F8726A01 Indicator Boards - 1501D82G01 Sub Board
- 1500D19G01 Westinghouse Mech Setpoint W/Pointer Arm - 1501D84G01 Limit Amp
- 1500D19G02 Westinghouse Mech Setpoint W/No Pointer - 1501D85G01 Ribbon
- 1500D33G01 Westinghouse Mech Setpoint W/Pointer Arm  - 1502D16G01 Sub Board
- 1500D53G03  Westinghouse Safety Barriers - 1502D17G01 Sub Board
- 1500D77G02 Volt PCB - 1502D18H01 Sub Board
- 1500D79H01 Mother Board - 1503D30G01 Westinghouse Triple Element Assembly

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We can supply process instrumentation & analytical transmitters, including Westinghouse Level Transmitter spares and process instrumentation & analytical transmitter spare parts, from many other manufactures including Emerson Process, Foxboro, Honeywell, ITT Barton, Rosemount Analytical and Westinghouse.

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