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Westinghouse Veritrak Series 55
 & Westinghouse Veritrak 75 Spares

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If you are in need of new surplus or used Westinghouse Transmitter spares, Veritrak 55 replacement parts or Westinghouse Transmitters spare parts, or Veritrak 75 Series Spares, you have come to the right place.

We currently have available a large inventory of new surplus Westinghouse Transmitter parts, Westinghouse transmitter replacement parts, Veritrak 55 replacement parts & Veritrak 75 Series equipment.  Below is a partial listing of the Westinghouse Veritrak Transmitter Spares and Westinghouse transmitter spares currently available for purchase.

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Please Note:
The availability of Westinghouse Transmitter spares, Veritrak 55 replacement parts, Westinghouse Transmitter replacement parts, and Veritrak 75 spare parts change on a continues basis.



 Description   Part#


- 55AM4 Alarm Modules - 7506E10G01 Competing Board
- 55AU2 Alarm Modules - 7506E10G01 Computing Board
- 55CA3 Computing Amplifiers - 7506E10G01 Computing Board
- 55CA4 Computing Amplifiers - 7506E10G01 Computing Board
- 55CM03 Inverse Analog Gen. - 7506E10G01 Westinghouse Computing Board
- 55FC12 Input Safety Modules - 7506E12G01 Computing Interface Board
- 55FM04 K Factor Modules - 7506E12G02 Computing Interface Board
- 55MC550510-00 5 Pack Mounting Cases - 7506E13G01 Controller Board
- 55MD2 Multiplier Div. Sq. Rt. Extractors - 7506E13G01 Controller Board
- 55RC-200-0000 2 Pen Recorders - 7506E13G01 Controller Board
- 55RV4 Reference Voltage Sources - 7506E13G01 Controller Board
- 55TA1 T/C Amp. Type - 7506E15G01 Controller Board
- 55TR8 Resistance Amplifiers - 750SE11G02 Terminal Panel
- 55TR82 Resistance Amp - 7510E14G03 A/M Unit W/Meter
- 56FC15 Resistance Safety - 7510E14G03 Manual Setpoint
- 56PS5002 5 Amp Power Supplies - 7510E14G04 A/M Unit W/Rhml Xfr
- 56PS5032 5 Amp Power Supplies - 7510E14G04 Manual Setpoint
- 56PS5200 5 Amp Power Supplies - 7510E14G05 A/M Meter Sy
- 64DF8074G01 Velocity Limiter Board - 7510E19G03 Service Module
- 73438LD0MH Cap 15Mf 30V - 7510E19G03 Service Module
- 73438LE0KY Cap 4.7Mf 35V - 7510E19G04 Service Module W/Manual
- 73438LE0MV Cap 22Mf 35V - 7510E19G04 Service Module
- 7506E02G01 Alarm Board - 7510E21G01 Mother Board
- 7506E02G02 Alarm Board - 7510E23G01 Board
- 7506E03G01 Westinghouse Square Root Board - 7510E23G02 Module Bias
- 7506E03G02 Square Root Extractor - 7510E25G02 Integral Power Supply
- 7506E03G02 Westinghouse Square Root Board - 7510E27G03 Board
- 7506E04G01 Alarm Card - 7510E29G02 Westinghouse A/M Unit
- 7506E04G02 Alarm Card - 7510E45G02 Westinghouse 2 Mode Control Module/Card 
- 7506E04G02 Alarm Board - 7510E45G03 3-Mode Control Module
- 7506E05G01 Signal Converter Board - 7510E45G03 Westinghouse 3 Mode Control Module/Card
- 7506E05G01 Signal Card - 7510E45G04 2-Mode Control Module
- 7506E05G01 Signal Converter Board - 7510E45G04 Controller Board
- 7506E06G01 Westinghouse Square Root Board - 7510E84G02 Westinghouse Power Supply Board
- 7506E07G01 Function Board - 75AC110/100 Accessory Mounting
- 7506E07G01 Function Board - 75AU Alarm Modules
- 7506E07G01 Function Board - 75AU210/00 Alarm Board
- 7506E09G01 Voltage To Pulse Converter - 75AU310/10 Alarm Board
- 7506E10G01 Computing Board - 75AU410/11 Alarm Board
- 7506E10G01 Computing Board - 75B02 Westinghouse Safety Barriers

We can supply process instrumentation & analytical transmitters, including Westinghouse Level Transmitter spares and process instrumentation & analytical transmitter spare parts, from many other manufactures including Emerson Process, Foxboro, Honeywell, ITT Barton, Rosemount Analytical and Westinghouse.

Contact us for all your process instrumentation & analytical transmitters spares, analytical transmitters spare parts, and analytical transmitters replacement parts for
industrial instrumentation including pressure measurement, temperature measurement, flow measurement, and level measurement instrumentation.




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