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Drawworks Replacement Parts Mud Pump-Gear and Fluid End Parts Swivel Replacemant Parts
A) National A) National A) National
B) Oilwell B) Oilwell B) Oilwell
C) LTV- Continental Emsco C) LTV- Continental Emsco C) LTV- Continental Emsco
D) Gardner Denver D) Gardner Denver
E) Ideco- IRI E) Ideco- IRI

Rotary Table Replacement Parts Torque Converter Replacement Parts Rotary and Choke & Kill Hoses
A) National A) National A) Goodall Rubber
B) Oilwell B) Cooper States Rubber
C) LTV-Continental Emsco C) Coflexip
D) Ideco- IRI D) Thermoid

Pup Joints and Sucker Rods
A) Norris/O'Bannon
B) Upco,Inc.
C) F.M.C.
D) Larkin
E) Smith

Mud Gate Valve Replacement Parts Handling Tools and Replacement Parts Injection Pumps and Controls
A) Oteco A) Varco/BJ A) Kimray
B) Demco B) Dencon B) Texsteam
C) Crestex C) Custum Die & Insert C) Western
D) Baker Supply Products D) Harrisburg - Wooley
  E) M & W Tool  
  F) Web Wilson  
  G) Baash Ross  
  H) Foster  
  I) Foster Cathead  
J) Hillman Kelly

Centrifugal Pumps Adjustable/Positive Chokes and Replacement Parts
A) Varco/Best A) Matco-Demco
B) Harrisburg B) Cooper Oil Tools- Cameron Iron Works
D) National D) Thornhill-Craver

Brake Blocks and Friction Material Fishing and Downhole Tools Regulators & Controls
A) Raymark A) Bowen A) Fisher
B) Harrisburg B) Gotco B) Dover
C) Standco C) A-Z International C) Foxboro
D) Wabco
E) Wellmark

Blowout Preventers and Replacement Parts Mud Pump Fluid End Expendables
A) Cooper Oil Tools A) Harrisburg
B) Cameron Iron Works B) Oteco
C) Hydril C) Mission-Fluid King
D) Shaffer D) Pep, Inc.
E) Guiberson International E) Southwest Oilfield Products
F) Bowen  
G) Durabla

Custom Rubber Molds and Custom Sand Molds Manufactured to Costumer Specifications


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